Is time travel into the past theoretically possible?

    If we could travel at the speed of light to the exact space coordinates that the earth occupied 20 years in the past would we observe the earth as it was 20 years earlier relevant to our/observers point of reference?

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    Yes, since the past has happened and is recorded in the spiritual words, then the memories of the past can be visited but not changed as they are not longer matter but memory imprints.


    a bit hairy fairy dont you think?

    Only if you have no imagination.

    to much imagination and you you enter the realm of wishfull thinking.personal memories are our only link with the past.

    all that exists is the nano second that we live on forever moving forward never to be seen again

    No you don't (enter the land of wishful thinking). All things can be possible and are possible at some point. You're just afraid to imagine. Let loose. God gave us imaginations so we could wonder and through the wondering, investigate, experience, learn, grow. Once apon a time, man imagined he could fly or visit the stars, land on the moon. Memories go beyond what you remember of this lifetime. You have regressed lifetimes of memories. All of them contained in Soul. You are so limited in your thinking. The strange and unknown must scare you a lot. Imagine and it can come true.

    i am not scared as you say of the unknown, we all live with it day in day out. the secret is to keep hold of reality

    Are you saying I do not have a grasp on reality? What's reality without imagination? If no one ever imagined the impossible, we would still be in caves and there would be no wheel.

    7:01 am here. I'm off to bed. Will finish this later if you have more to say.

    im not saying you dont have a grip on reality,dont be so touchy.of course we need imagination but this must be tempered with reality

    I'm not touchy, you are assuming I am but I'm not. I just asked you a question. You thinking I am touchy makes me think you are touchy.
    I'm so in touch with reality that I can let loose and imagine all kinds of things if I choose. It's fun and freeing and a great mental exercise. Try it sometime :)

    if it were possible then there would be people here from the future who have travelled back to this time, and i dont know of any time travellers do you?


    Just because you've not met them, or they have let you know where they are from, does not mean they do not exist. ;)
    OR, think about this. Perhaps we are the future and every nano second of our time creates more future. We are the ones developing the future that does not exist until that nano second passes.

    Imagination :)

    I believe it will be possible. Traveling faster than the speed of light has yet to be discovered but not impossible.  Good point about someone from the future visiting here, I think they'd only be visiting.....

    time travel will not be possible  for thousands of years from now (2013)


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