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    The engine light is on and has been for a few weeks....on  the dashboard. The car is running fine. I don't want to pay all that money to  take it in to just to hear them say they can't find anything wrong with it. Or, they'll say something complicated ( and expensive ) is wrong with it.   Question is. . . . . should I just keep driving it untill something happens, or would that be too risky and maybe cause me to get stranded or have an accident ?  Thank you in advance for all  your help .

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    Lots of info here.....

    Notice that there is a disclaimer on their website.

    It could be something as simple as moisture in your O2 sensor. It really needs to be put on a computer to find out exactly what the error is. Unless your engine is going to blow up, the worse you can do is completely break what is breaking or one day, the car just won't start. It's up to you. I believe it's about $75 to have the issue diagnosed. 

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