well its about my huskynarva dirt bike i went to the website and none of my numbers match any thing they had but they said they did not have them all the frame # is c007188 engine#2088 3264 no missing #s just nothing in between but i did see a 510 fourstroke 84 model that looked exactly like mine but mine is a 2 stroke i work on my sons dirtbikes all the time i feal lost on this 1 i think mine is a 500 because i have a98 honda cr 500 and the carbs look the the same size i want to buy

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    Did you go to the official Husqvarna site?

    Did you try any other sites?

    Exactly what year is the birt bike?

    What parts are you looking for?


    I only mess with it when i have time to. but i'm tring to find out what year it is and what size it is. I need a carb intake the rubber on mine is cracked. and the kick start and i mean everything shaft spring cog kicklever. it was gone when i bought it and the hole was plugged off. none of my friends never even herd of a dirtbike made by husqvarna so i get no help

    There's a motorcycle site.
    Here's the link.

    Check eBay.

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