What man or woman would you trade places with for a year if you could?

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    No one.



    not even yerself !

    Smartypants! ;)

    well I like you !

    (((Dowsa))). The feelin' is mutual, me lad.

    "Shucks Iam now "blushing ,before nearly "Crying when you called me "Farty pants !!

    ROFLMAO!!!! Too funny, Dowse. :D


    None. I like my journey. I do not need anyone else's journey. 


    Geez,those TU's are really building up today hey?LOL

    TUs? What are those?


    I may gripe at times but, I like where I am right now. I worked to get here............

    Oh probably someone that lives on millionaires row would be nice.

    Charlie Sheen.But after a year I would definitely want my own persona back.& I wouldn't want Charlie to have mine while I had his.Can you imagine the condition I would get it back in?


    Nothing short of a train wreck, I'd bet.

    the president, so I could straighten out the mess the U.S. is in .


    We are going to your neck of the woods the end of the month: southern Michigan + northern Indiana.

    Nobody. It would be nice to star in a movie. I'd love to record a CD, be a senator, model, child psychologist, child, newlywed, author, professional athlete, and a lot of other things, but to live another's life for a year....not for me. 

    Besides, every place I go, there I am.


    Bob/PKB! You say that your psychologist, then maybe you tell me what my proplems are, is it mentally or physical,or maybe what happen in my younger days, why do I feel like left out an not communicate with the rest of the world is it lack of knowledge or all of the above,I know that I'm not good in literature & Grammar ext.

    Oh facebook, it would have been nice to have studied psychology and been a therapist or counselor...I can't explain why you feel left out any more than I can figure out why I feel like an observer more than a participant. Let's just do the best we can with what we've got and try to do better tomorrow.

    Shall do! TK..BOB.

    Angelina Jolee.


    You want to be a woman for a year, Daren?

    not just any woman

    Like Brad Pitt, do ya? (Just teasin'!) :D

    I used to now it's Leonardo Di Caprio..

    daren, do you want her 6 kids ?!

    Hmmm...I used to like the blonds, too.

    Robert Redford...Steve McQueen.


    Hmmmm! I was gunna say Brad Pitt.Not how I would like to meet you tho Daren.LOL
    Dardaigh's the other blond. :)

    My son.  Make it 3 years, please.  Otherwise, no one.

    Maybe the "Donald", Trump!  I think it would be interesting to be him for one day!  Not just to fire someone, but to do the wheeling and dealing and business that he does in a day.  I would, of course have his skill set, I could not venture to be him without that!  But I think it would be exciting doing his dealing for a day. 

    Prince Harry


    Booze, sex, money and youth. All I could ask for.

    The Taliban is after him now.

    You are no dummy, ndp, that's for sure.

    Harry's going to get an STD if he hasn't gotten a few already

    Now he's in Afghanistan we wait to see if he is recalled.

    For me I'll say nobody! Well maybe I fit that shoes nobody ,than again if I would pick someone it probably be King Solomone.


    What would you do with 400 wives and 900 concubines? Cialis is good for only 36 hours.

    I'll get a lot of practice, after a year probably be totally excause!!!

    A very good choice. Nonetheless, I think you'd like to trade places with him for his brains, not his head. :)

    Yep! your right Chiangmai! his brain not the head that could kill you.

    No one.

    I wannabe me.

    I still wanna be Antonio Banderas. Si Señor !

    probably my niece, b/c she's got it all. She's got all the goals met that I strived for when I was young, and didn't make it. She's got a nice hub. She can afford to quit work and be a stay-home mom----which she just did..She has good looks, and so do her hub and kids. She has good health, and so does her family . She grad from the seminary to be a Lutheran pastor, and so did her hub. He even got his PHd last year. They've owned 3 beatfiul houses so far, in the last 12 years. I didn't own a house till I was 44ish .She's got 2 wonderful little kids......a girl and a boy. Her parents have money, and so do her parents-in-law. She worked long enough in her chosen field so she can say she's done it.She was a pastor in 3 different churches.  Ditto for my nephew and his wife and 2 kids. They're going to have # 3 on Oct 5th !!


    Whatever happened to the vow of poverty ?

    digger, that's only for nuns.

    I don't think I would like to change places with anyone, and despite current setbacks and health issues I will work through them, current circumstance has also shown me how many friends really care enough to go out of their way to help, if I was anyone else I would never have known so many people care enough to go out of their way for me


    How are you doing, lambie? You've been in my thoughts.

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