way women seldom are satesfied

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    I believe many women are happy and satisfied. And if you ask a few they will tell you.  Life is never perfect and we humans are always looking and seeking more more & more.  But when you find something that makes your woman, laugh, smile or even stay with you, that's somewhat a sign of some degree of satisfaction.  Try new things.  Have fun.  Good Luck.


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    Because women have to deal with men who are not educated enough to know how to spell "why" or "satisfied"? 

    I'm a woman and I'm satisfied. 

    Seems to me, you must be lacking if your woman is not satisfied. 


    Oh SO true!!:-)

    Hello?  Hello?  Is that darma or did you say drama?

    I don`t think it`s just a women`s thing...I think it`s a people thing!...We live in a world where the more that people have..the more they want...and when they see other people with all the latest material it gadgets,clothes,cars etc etc..the more people often feel they are entitled to..or must have!...Some of it is the need to keep up with/out do others!(shallow)...Some of it I believe is human nature...some of it showing off/getting ahead to exert power!...These days though things are made easier to purchase via credit cards/advertising pitch...and pressure by society !!(That`s just my opinion)!!

    Way Women ! Rise up and protest!  OH OH  way women gone! SORRY!

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