do u think its right for a woman to propose to her man

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    We live in the 21st century. What do you think? Women are out in the world working with careers of their own, buying their own homes, taking care of themselves, etc. It's no longer a man's world. A woman can initiate dates and propose if she so feels inclined. 

    In this day and age, of course.............

    On the twenty ninth of February next leap year it will be OK.LOL


    Or any Other day!!!;-)

    My first wife proposed to me and I was amazed enough to accept. Big mistake! Divorce and several girlfriends followed all of whom proposed or at least suggested marriage. I resisted all offers so we went our separate ways. My present wife did not propose but we got married so at least I have someone I can argue with whenever the need arises.


    @Umbriel...sexually frustrated...or what!..YOU...YOU have a one tract mind...and it`s just in the gutter!..You impress NO ONE!!!

    "YES. MY wife proposed to me I`ll never forget her "Romantic words "Marry me or else !! 


    dowsa, as always, funny .lol


    Nice. Sorry came up twice.

    If you want to- go ahead. Maybe he's too shy to ask you!

    @Ducky...shows that you can`t rest on your big deal re degrees if you can`t act like a "NORMAL person" IN real life!!!:-)...All that a degree proves is that you can study..and play hard for 3 yrs.....It doesn`t give ANYONE a meal ticket to read  few write a few essays to get your degree....he may not have a crim record now....but if I were a social worker....I`d be EXTREMELY WORRIED that he is  a potential threat to society!!!:-0..@Dar dar..I don`t want to give the mods extra work as he wants...but if it is for admin to deal with..then I`LL BE reporting everything he says I consider to all means @umbriel pay for those poor heart goes out to them...but be adult enough to keep it to yourself.....The way you go on re all these me is a frustrated man who isn`t getting anywhere...even with the ladies who need are not making them look bad...just yourself!!!...and kids on this you well know...have you no conscience/morals?????....get help!...OR are you just one sick attn seeker?????!!!!

    Who has time to let someone figure out what you really want? If you know what you want ask questions, not teasers, real questions….Are you looking forward to raising a family with me? Do you like children? If you would like to be with me you should love changing diapers. Do you cook? Let’s see your home room now. If it’s a pig-sty…choose someone else. Men should cook and clean house too.

    Many liberated women do not need or want a man around but do want children of their own, no strings attached. Others just want to see a man fix their washing machine, install a phone in another room, etc…. with or without compensation in any form. Trade relations are common and sometimes  are nothing more than work for a meal. Sex is not the only reason to have relationships with people of the same or opposite gender. We all have experiences of our own that enrich our relationships with others. 

    Its there own choice if they want to then they can but I don't think they should do this but I am not they  !!

    Why not ?


    and as far as Umbriel goes, I think those times he seems really off the wall, is when he's rather drunk. He's also enjoying the attention from Colleen.

    No, I do not believe he enjoys the attention. Hence his reminding me that I should be too busy to give him attention. I'm sure it would make him very satisfied to be able to say things here without me giving my thoughts to his ramblings that do not apply to the questions he answers.

    What is this "Do you think it's right" - who is judging. Never done this myself but if a woman makes a proposal of marriage to a man - you bet your life she will know the answer.

    If not, why not, unless you only know her about a week. ! Then man should think very care full  lol

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