Why is bad advice being given re winemaking,one said skim off mould? another forgot to stabilize a finished fermenting wine,another added sugar no stabilizer to sweeten it, all bad advice

    I have been making my own wine for years, you don't add sugar to a wine expecting it to be stable on its own.  If you have mould growing on a wine time to pitch it out(might be toxic) Recipes for bad wine are what you have got here. Stick to the companies that know what they are talking about. I worked for Wine Kitz and know what the process is doing, and for heaven sakes don't do the open pail process for anything but initial fermentation and with a loose but secure cover,elastic and a sheet of plastic works best.


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    Thanks for the info. We are all amateurs here and any information helps.  I like to make my own bathtub wine, it will be better forthwith...

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