Please Help: the lady next door has 20 dogs on a 1 lot that is 50x60. cant call the police because by time they get here, she'll put them all in the house, the barking is soo nevre wrecking and the SMELL is horrabile, my civil club has done nothing, trinity county tx doesnt have a spca or dog catchers. I have gotten ill due to a bad stomach infection and everytime i go outside the smell always make me throw-up!! i have to hold my nose not too. HOW CAN I GET HER TO CONTROL AND HELP THE MATTER? Y

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    So, she puts them inside before the police get there. How does she know you called the police? How about animal control? Doesn't your town have an animal control? Seems to me, she should have a kennel permit in order to have that many dogs. Does she have a kennel permit? This is something animal control can look into. When the police get there, do they smell the same thing you do? Does it make them throw up? This should be enough to convince them that she has more than 2 or 3 dogs, along with the barking of 20 dogs they must hear from within the house. Again, how does she know you've called the police so she can have all the dogs in the house before they get there? Can you afford a cheap digital camera? It doesn't have to be fancy. You can record a video of all the dogs when they are outside and how much noise they make once outside. The video you take can be played back on the camera. Show that to the police. Show her calling the dogs into the house. I think you're not doing much about this actually. I think you came here hoping someone had a magic solution for you. There is no magic solution. Just keep calling and complaining until you get results. 

    Have you though about calling a re homing shelter, tell them about the dogs, if they cant help, I am sure they will put you in contact with some animal charity, that can help. Cant be good for the dogs, living like that either.

    The law is on  your side. Call and report her. She can't know that you are calling unless  you've told her you are doing so. Try animal control...... They can knock on her door to check things out....


    It's not that I ignore, I've been answering questions from pages in the 2000s, I just miss some of yours occasionally.

    Your neighbor might be an animal hoarder. This is not healthy for the dogs and humans. Call SPCA in another county and ask them, what you schould do. Most towns no longer have animal control officers because of our economy. If all else fails , call your health Department and tell them,that this is an emergency.

    It sound to me she has the upper hand, either get use to it or be looking for another place to stay. And if you do get the police you might end up with a worst enemy.

    I think that you should involve your town councilor and mayors office if there is no animal control officer.  Call, call and call again.  They must research and solve the problem, it is a animal and human health situation.  In  my town, you need a kennel license if you have over 3 dogs within the city limits. 

    if you vidio it she can press charges against you for tresspassing . but there is no law against recording sound . your best advice is to call the USPCA and tell hem you have a dog that has been mistreared. when they show up then point out the dogs in question. but if she lives in a location that has no restrictions on the anials and there is no sighn of neglect then you out of luck . b ut in most places if you have a sertain number of animals domestic or livestock you must have a licens . so count them up then find out. then call the better buisness beuro and report that person . that person will have licens and that is public information held at citty hall

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