What are 2 ways that insects have adapted to their environment

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    Its the similar question but different words (almost)!

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    Becoming immune to DDT and insect repellents.

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    I hope you don't mind reading it all!

    they have adapted with many specific structures for feeding, protection from predators (using toxins, colors, threatening noises ect.)  and have adapted to better survive when their environment changes. ( I hope we get an A, or at least a B+)!!  And as I used to tell cheaters, when I taught, if it takes two people to get an A, I will be fair, not throw paper away, but divide the grade between both of the cheaters, each would then get a 50, (still failing!)  If the high grade between two was not an A, they suffered even more, a C got both a 35!  It stung them, taught them a lesson!

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