I am trying to fix the guard on my Mastercraft 10" delux compound mitre saw. The spring is broken but when i put it back in the logical place where it should go, the guard does not go up when up push the saw down. There is a roller on the mechasium that doesn't come close to the guide its suppose to go in. Does anyone have a diagram. The mechasium is behind the saw blade. Thanks

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    try these forums


    Thanks,unable to find an answer to my problem on any of the web sites. Also, my saw is not on the recall list.
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    If you do a googke search for a maual I couldnt get the specs to work does that link not bring up a manual downlaod???

    I did get a copy of the manual but, unfortunately, it did show the mechanism that lifts the guard.
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    Grrrr.. have you contacted there head office for a copy?

    Sorry, my last answer, I meant it didn't show the mechanism that lifts the blade. I contacted Mastercraft and unfortunately, they couldn't provide any other information regarding the saw because the vendor who was supplying it is no longer available for assistance.
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    click on images as well ... I know what you mean that happened to my guard on my drop saw and I ended up having to throw it out , because I couldnt order a spring part so all safety mechanisms wouldnt work , hope u find it here if not let me know I will keep looking

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