Pain in finger caused by being smashed by 100 lbs. metal what could be the cause?

    Knot in the bending of the finger going towards the tip of the finger. Feels like glass being broken when hitting it against something. Still swollen and nail is black and blue. Could this be a blood clot?

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    Just guessing but probably has something to do with the weight placed on it..............

    Really?  You really need the cause?

    Sounds like your finger has been crushed badly, go to your Doctor, who can arrang for an X-Ray. If you dont take care of your finger, you could loose it. Do it ASAP.

    Sounds pretty smashed up to me, shouldn't you go to the hospital ?

    Your finger is broken and you need to seek medical attention because its all black and blue and if the nail is split you are asking for an infection.

    Ask yourself this do you need this finger in the future because if you leave it they may need to chop it off and if thats what you use to pick your nose with you may need another alternative..

    All the best knuckles :)))

    I agree with Dolly. Get it x-rayed.

    One of my fingers was badly injured

    when I was eleven, playing netball.

    It was swollen and black and blue

    for several weeks. When the swelling

    went down I discovered my finger 

    had been broken.

    Probably, the pain was caused by the 100 lbs. of metal. Smashing it with another 100 lbs. might solve your problem. ""

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