I would appreciate anybody's help in trying to find the archives of BREAKWAY Surfing magazine put out in the 70's from Victoria Melbourne AUSTRALIA

    I am 60 years old and have started to acquire the tool of the new age. "THE PERSONAL COMPUTER". I was a slow starter but I'm on it. Using it at this point to put together some of my earlier surfing past which has been a big part of my life.

    I was cruising back up to the Gold Coast in the earlier seventies after hitchiking from there down to Melbourne with a mate who had a classic old Transit van but no licence to drive it back to coast. So I was idle at the time and bingo on another quick little adventure.


    Anyhow bottom line we stopped at Bell's Beach as it was Easter and the Comp was on. Whilst there standing half way up the hill on the track up and down Ian Cairns(a hot surfer at the time      

    from West Aus) was coming up the track and they took one of shots of the article written in the Mag. I did,nt know at the time but when I got back to the coast one of the lads said I had a big shot of me in the background. Feeding the ego I got a copy and kept it.

    Unfortunately the copy is getting a bit daggy so I am trying to get to somebody that was involved with the Mag at the time and see if I could somehow get a copy of the Mag. Date being May 1974.



    Cheers Peter.......Email  :

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    Here is a link to the magazine...maybe you could ask them ?

    The Glove

    Thank you Muchly young lady. I just tried the link and it was to the Surfer Magazine to subscribe . Unfortunately this is not the link as I want to gety to someone that has a link to anyone, as I mentioned,attached to the production of Mag when it was alive.....Cheers

    You are quite welcome, sir :)

    Yeah, Peter, if you're still around I think I may be able to help. My daughter just found your post after doing a search on Breakway, the magazine I owned and published with three mates.


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