can anyone open your garage door with a universal remote?

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    Actually it's been known to happen....I found this on the 'net.

    "What can you do when your neighbor's remote to their garage door, activates yours?

    We own our house, but we have a Universal Remote to our garage door. It's an old Lift Master. Our Neighbor just rented the house next door, and come to find out, whenever she leaves her house, her remote activates our garage door and makes it open. We were considering getting a whole new one, but the one we have is still in good shape, and really don't want to spend the money."

    The new automatic garage door openers are coded so that no two are alike. They are also easily reprogrammable if you find, in the off chance, that a neighbor's garage door opener has the same code as yours.
    i remember somthing similiar was the use of cordless phones, maybe it was just a myth
    Yup...Colleen is right ... my old man has his own small business installing garage doors and remotes for a living so have heard it all (: over and over and over...again...bless his little heart!
    No, they need the particular code for your door base station.

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