Would like to literally tackle the subject of abuse penalties for animals...

    I watched 2 skits, 1 was a babysitter abusing a toddler, got 8 years. Thank God. 2nd was an owner constantly kicking his puppie at the end of the leash. He got 3 months. WO...  I was about to be sick watching both. But how can I get something going to legally make abusers pay just as much as for kids??  I'm sorry, but I put them together, their >all< innocent & need us & kids can eventually talk. What about the animals??? There is too much abuse going on with both. The animals are as important & abusers should be punished as much. This subject sooo badly gets under my skin.  Don't need any smart responses either, plz.. >>>SERIOUSL???   Main question: OK, any idea where to get started for the law to recognize that cruelty to animals is as bad & needs more attention & punishment??

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    I'm glad to hear your feelings on abuse BUT my question is: What part of government, worker, dept, whatever, do I aim at??? >>WHO DO I BEGIN WITH<< If I want to write a letter, who do I send it to? It is possibe to change some things, but first need a starting place & persistants. I HAVE 1... lol >>>>>>>>Sooo, anyone know how I can get started & where<<<<<<<<

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    Contact animal welfare and they should be able to steer you in the right direction.

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    Sadly the law doesn't see cruelty to animals as serious as the life of a human, sadly those whom harm animals are more than likely to harm a human.

    I think being cruel to animals deserves public shaming, no fine nor punishment fits the crimes these people do.

    These people are sick. I dislike anything cruel to animals but in saying that, I have lived on a sheep farm where people were against us mulling the animals, yet if you have seen fly blow you would support it, sometimes the do gooders do more damage than the cruel people..

    If you have to hurt anything that is living you need serious help...

    I believe that anyone who harms animals should serve time and not be allowed to own animals in the future.  A public registry of where these animal haters live should be available too.

    This is a state by state issue. Idaho, Hawai, Kentucky , No. Dakota and Missisipi have the weakest animal protection laws in the nation. The animal protectian laws need to be changed in those states. I think with the state of our economy , joblessness and poverty, animals are more neglected and abused than any other time. I also think that Vetinarians, who charge so much, need to give people a break, that cant afford the high cost of taking theire animals to a Vet.

    Beginning as kids, most animal abusers have given signals with their treatment of animals as they were children.  Kicking a dog, throwing rocks at a pet, things that seem innocent enough, may be signs of a future abuser if they do not cease with reprimand.  And yes animal abusers do often go on to become child abusers, and the like... Some sex offenders, and even serial killers had records of being animal abusers when they were kids.  So our society should come down harder when a kid abuses an animal, and watch and counsel these kids more.

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