how do I unlock my Aerolite combination suitcase

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    Couldn't find anything for your specific luggage brand but perhaps this may help:

    Hi I have just reset the combination (3 thumbwheels, 0-9 on each thumbwheel) on a pair of CARLTON SUITCASEs. These are the hard shell type with 2 wheels, 2 cam-action side hook/clasps and 1 cam-action top combination hook/clasp with folding handle.
    TOOLS- 1 bright light(I used a pencil LED torch), 1 thumb (preferably still attached).
    METHOD- have the case facing you, so you can read the CARLTON on the lock, shine the light on the righthand side of a thumbwheel, if you look closely in the half millimetre gap, you can reflect light from metal below. if you push the thumbwheel round 1 full turn, you will have noticed a slot which didn't reflect. Align all 3 slots, and read the pattern. Because this isn't the combination, but the barrels are in the right order, so keep them in this pattern, then rotate all 3 thumbwheels at once. When the slot aligns with the internal mechanism, the button will retract and the case will open. This procedure takes about 30/45 seconds. Once the case is opened you can reset the combination in 10 seconds. On the underside of the combination unit is a metal tab, slide tab to the right, reset the combination, write it down in a safe place, slide metal tab back to the left, finished. I hope these instructions are useful, and i hope your not an airport baggage handler...



    Thanks for your help, unforunately does not work on the aerolite case

    Sorry I couldn't help.
    I was unable to find an official website for them either.

    This method does work! Thanks for that.

    Shine the light on the underside of the thumbwheel and as you rotate it you will see a slot in the underside of the mechanism. Do this for all 3 and work out the pattern.

    Once established, turn each thumbwheel one slot and try the lock. Repeat this process one digit at a time until the correct combination is found.

    This is prob no help to the OP but anyone else looking in might get the wrong idea from some of the replies.

    Try this,maybe it will work out..>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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