Quadriplegic vs. Full Body Paralysis

    I've been wondering this for a few days now after watching two different movies regarding two different people with two different disabilities. In the movie, the girl was a quadriplegic because of a car accident she was involved in when she was young, because her condition, she could move nothing but her face and eyes. A few days later, I watched another moving regarding a young man who hung himself but was rescued before he died, leaving him with full body paralysis, but he could move nothing but his eyes and could not talk, unlike the other person. What is the difference between these two conditions? I would really like to know.

    Thank You!

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    Not much as far as a spinal cord injury is concerned... not sure why the strangulation victim couldn't talk but I have a "medical" feeling it has more to do with the injury to the throat/ voice box rather than the spinal cord.  ( Hpwever an FYI- when people barely survive strangulation they usually have massive brain injury involved...lack of O2 to the brain is bad news)


    Now that I think of it, that's probably what it was with the victim of strangulation, it must have affected his voice box somehow. If anything, the movie could have been mistaken in how he couldn't do anything but move his eyes, after all, it was a very low budget movie lol.


    Ahh nothing like a B rated movie-LOL

    As far as I know there is no difference.My daughter has full body paralysis due to the damage done by multiple sclerosis.She can't walk or mve her arms.The only thing she can move is her head,from side to side only & her eyes.She can't talk & she is totally incontinent.her hearing is OK but her eyesight is failing.I have always referred to her as Quadriplegic.So as far as I know they are the same thing with different titles.


    Thank You for your answer, it really helped. I guess they are just two very familiar conditions.

    BTW.It was the damage to my daughter's spinal cord & central nervous system that caused her diaphram to shut down.Hence her lack of speech.

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