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    Success explains the American dream the best way because in life when you’re happy and you’re doing adventures or whatever makes you happy, anything you want to do that is achieving your goal. That is success because some people have different perspectives on success they think it’s all about excessive money, even though it is important to have money because money is power. But success really means when you’re healthy and you’re doing what you love in life. It’s when you’re going the direction you wanted to because that’s what the American dream lets you do opportunity ,freedom ,education etc. all of that is success if you really think about it. Anything YOU want that will make you ecstatic and pleased is successful. Success means the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. The American dream gives you the chance to accomplish anything you set your mind too, that’s why success is one word I think describes the American dream the best. If you’re enjoying life for what the American dream let you do you succeeded!

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    You find adjectives in that rambling mush by looking for nouns (person, place, thing, concept) and seeing if there are any words that describe the noun. 

    Example:  success, dream, way, and life are nouns in the first line. 

    There are no words describing what kind of success of which you speak.  What kind of dream is described as "American", so that is an adjective.  What way?  The BEST way, so there is another adjective.  Life doesn't have a descriptive word (like "happy", "peaceful", "secure"). 

    It's not difficult; just takes some time.   YOUR time.  

    I don't understand your question! on one hand you ask for " ajective" and on the other you want success, Are you looking for ajective,that will bring in success?

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