Should Men Stop Crying Or Show Emotion In Sports?

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    I don't think you can stop emotions or feelings.

    Nothing wrong with a grown man shedding a tear or two if his beloved sports team lost.


    or won,

    Yes, tears of joy is a wonderful emotion.
    terryfossil 1

    the whole have been crying for the last 8 years over "state of origin"
    terryfossil 1

    i get emotional Python,but it is a reserved emotion,i was once captain,secretary, treasurer , of a small cricket club..when we won our first premiership,the boy's went mad,running around like chooks with their heads cut off,i waited till all the fuss calmed down,and then i started asking who was playing next season,they said to me,terry aren't you happy we won,i said yes and i want to do it again next season,,for me it is all about competing and winning,so long as it is done in a honest sporting way,if you win,you win, and if you lose you find out why,you do not always win because you are the best on the day,sometimes you win because you have a better game cricket anyway......a very good example is state of origin,,both sides could beat any other league country in the world,yet Queensland have won 8 years straight...what does Queensland have that n.s.w. does not.ANSWER = revenge,heart, Mal Meninga and a history of an arrogant domination by n.s.w,,,just my opinion ..........always nice talking.................

    Well said, Terry.

    We have all watched athletes express their anger in words and actions. THAT needs to be controlled. Kicking a ball return, throwing or bashing a golf club, attacking a teammate or opponent....those behaviors don't belong in  sports.  Taunting and belittling, that finger-pointing "in your face" dance is obnoxious. 
    GOOD sportsmanship is essential...knowing how to win as graciously as you know how to lose.  Taught from the start, where LOSING happens, paves the way for athletes who truly CAN be role models.  
    Crying over a loss is a form of frustration. I'd much rather see a man cry over a loss than act out in anger.  Then, get up and congratulate your victorious opponent, who ISN"T gloating. You know, on any given day.......
    I did a search for "Football" and got these conflicting photos:
    "" "" TRUCE?


    Nice sportsmanship picture, obviously FOOTBALL!

    Obviously, judging from the insignia on the shirts. I'll look for something similar in "soccer". :D

    Why is one ball shape like a sauguse??{AND IM NOT ANGRY,}so there Miss bob,

    Easier to handle the sausage shaped one?

    Everyone to thier own balls i guess,

    In soccer it not so much tears but the patting of the bum when they score goals, i suppose it is a god send soccer is a low scoring game. - no offence, Romos. lol.

    Aussies with property in Scotland should have more respect for our National game, I know we're crap at it but at least we try.

    Ted just kicks bums,win or lose,Ask Bishop Brennan,

    Romos, if it makes you feel better, unfortunately i have seen the Socceroo's doing it, is it a traditonal thing. lol.

    At least the "FOOTBALLOOS" are going to Brazil for the World Cup, better than us.

    Romos, who are the Footballoo's?
    terryfossil 1

    Hey Romos,i thought "Caber Tossing" was your national sport,i am not trying to be smart,correct me if i am wrong mate...........

    i am gonna get myself in trouble here i think, but my point of view,i believe emotion in sport should be a controlled emotion..Men will always cry,but it is where,when,why,and how that is important..i can not speak for all men,as everyone is different,i myself have cried twice in the last 30 years.i do not understand why it happens,,the last time it happened,my wife and i were just driving along the road,we were having some problems with ,my job, house,money to name a few,,,and i just pulled over the side of the road,sat there staring out the window with tears running down my damn face..anyway we just sat there for about 10 minutes,dried the eye's and got on with life,,,very weird though,,it is an illness i do not want to often....................................always nice talking


    I think it was quite natual terry,uou must have been under a lot of presure,as we all can be at times,its a release valve,good luck Cobber,

    Please don't think of having emotions as an illness. LACK of would be an illness.
    Would you rather have tears run down your face for ten minutes, or get a gun and kill your family before turning it on yourself? Those emotional breaks/outlets are needed to keep your body from going into "shock". You've heard the expression, "I've had it up to here" (designating the top of the throat, where the next thing out is going to be words to regret? Better tears; same relief, no afterwards to regret.
    terryfossil 1

    sounds like good advice Bob,it was embarrassing for me,as i could not explain it to my wife,my wife spoke along the same lines as you,my wife is a very smart cookie,i only got married once,and i got a goody,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Someof these guys may be under a lot of pressure, when the event is finally over, the emotions pour out sometimes as tears, i don't see anything wrong with tears it is only a form of release, which men should do more often, it is good for them;

    terryfossil 1

    whoa bullet????????????????????

    it's always ok to show how you truly feel. that's what coming out of the closet is all about. people are tired of pretending to please others. truth is always the higher ground, and paints a clearer picture.


    I have to disagree with you on this one tabber. Truth isn't always the "higher ground", and your example of coming out of the closet or admitting any secret about one's self isn't always about being done trying to please others.
    It's better not to get into a big discussion on the site here about why I disagree; when we get together at Gilroy's In and Out Burger, we can talk about it. :D

    Moved tabber's comment to here > ok Bob. i love disagreement. i do not feel one should admit any secret. with regard to talking about 'coming out of the closet'. what i was implying is that a lot of people are happy that society is allowing them to show certain parts of themselves to the public, if if if they choose too. i have known some gay people for decades and they didn't care what people thought about them. but through out history, societies do tend to raise conformist and people pleasers. you know yourself how happy people feel when they are liberated from some type of societal restraint and/or viewpoint. see you at in and out in gilroy, hopefully in may or june. have a most fabulous day my favorite person!

    Looking forward to it, tabber! As for a glorious day, I found out (through the grapevine), the my son and his wife of nearly two weeks are expecting a baby. This will be his 4th in 5 years (3 with another woman). Wife has an 18 month old daughter. There is joy here and I'm determined to find it (children are a blessing; taking care of their needs should be a bigger priority than cranking them out).

    Why should they stop showing emotions ?  If more men would cry ,fewer men would get ulcers.

    terryfossil 1

    dunno bout that MCM...........................

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