i had a x ray on my neck and doctors could not see anything as my neck is so damaged with arthritis it is so painful is their anything that can be doner for this condition

    i had to have a ct scan to show my problem

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    Do isometric exercises,  for example put your palm on your forehead hold it strong and push your forehead into your palm. It strengthens muscles and helps your neck. You can do it side to side and even put your palm on the back of your head and push into it. Also when you get out of bed in the morning roll to the side then lift side ways to sitting to get out of bed. Don't just lift straight flat back up to sitting. This type is pain is hard to get rid of and surgery is not a guarantee of getting rid of pain.

    Hi, I'm sorry to hear you're in so much pain.

    I've never herd of this treatment but  maybe

    you could read bout it and discuss it with your


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