I am going through the menopause and the joints in my hips and skull are beginning to creek.

    What can I do about it? I don't want to have artheritis. It may be because my falt is small and I am at the computer a lot. Exercise seems to do it good, but I don't think it is enough. Please help!


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    Talk with  your OBGYN, he can help you. Could just be a menopausal thing and it'll go away with time (Like hot flashes)

    Sounds like arthritis, not sure about the pain in your your skull though, may be a really good idea to have a talk with you G.P

    Caroline Machin

    I hope it isn't anything serious. The bones st creek when I move after being seated for a while.




    Read up on menopause and arthritis. See your doctor as 

    Julie and Lambshank have suggested. If you already have

    arthritis, you can't reverse it but you can learn to ease the symptoms.




    Thank you. I will try and ease the symptoms, and will begin with improving my diet. Health is the most important thing we have.


    My wife also began to experience occasional headaches, which I never she never  had before, missed periods, and some insomnia. I had taken him for  complete work-up - MRI, Evoked Potentials, blood work and more blood work to rule out thyroid disease, hematological related illness, should try out the different menopause treatment strategy..

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