how do i transfer books from pc to ipad?

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    Transfer books from a pc to an ipad:
    - Run iTunes.
    - Click the 'File' menu and choose 'Add to Library…'
    - Choose an ebook (.ePub) file that you want to transfer and click the 'Choose' button.
    - On the left side of the iTunes program, under the Library section, there is a  'Books' button. Click on it. Your books will be listed on the right side.
    -  Connect the iPad with computer. A few seconds later the device will be listed under the Devices section on the left side, select your device (iPad).
    - Select the Books tab on the top.
    - On the '
    Sync Books' checkbox you can Sync all the books by choosing the 'All books' option or some selected books by choosing the 'Selected books' option.
    - Click on 'Sync' or 'Apply' button.
    - When iTunes completes the synchronizing process, you can view the books in iBooks app on the iPad.


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