Why am I so stubborn, that I rather sit in silence, than say sorry for what Iv done wrong!

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    Well, at least you know when you are wrong. It takes a big person to admit it though. Be a big person, you'll get used to it and feel better for it.....

    Welcome to the human race.  Just watch the politicians:  they NEVER admit their mistakes.  The difference is you are able to sit in silence.  They continue to lie.

    I'd say it's self-esteem issues.

    Well, recognizing this behavior is the first step toward correcting it. Life is something of a give and take thing, with lots of choices to be made in order to strike a balance with those people you interact with. Apologizing when you are wrong shows character and maturity. As an adult, if you don't have maturity and character, amongst a few other things, in other people's eyes it makes you look like a childish adult acting like a little brat.

    There is nothing wrong with admitting it when you know in your heart that you're wrong. You'll feel alot better for doing it, and it will allow a closeness between you and the other person who might feel offended. Allow yourself to grow as a person, and just go and apologize. People will respect you alot more for having that ability to do that. I hope you do.

    Human nature...we can all be stuborn!!;) but hard as it may seem I find it actually easier to admit I'm wrong sooner than later!!:) it clears YOUR mInd and the air and stops everyone brooding usually!! Plus u gain respect!!! All the best Millie xx

    I don't know what's wrong with you, but it's also wrong with my mom and ex-husband, too. Perhaps they think they don't have the "upper hand" by admitting an error or issuing an apology.  Perhaps they think it makes them look weak or inferior.  Perhaps they, in some ridiculous way, think they might not really be wrong, so why offer an apology. 
    Whatever it is, it is a very unattractive personality trait and you might want to work on it. Admitting to the behavior IS a good first step.  Now, instead of sitting silently (which could be construed as SULKING, an equally unattractive trait), just say something like, "I know I'm not right, but it's gonna take me a little bit to say I'm sorry.  It's coming, though."  That takes some of the pressure off you for not being RIGHT, and puts you in a better light.  

    Work on it. Seriously.  

    yes move onto the next step and say sorry, that's the hardest part but you can do it.

    Re- read Bob's answer.

    i dont know why u would rather stay silent than say sorry i mean is it really worth it and life is so short we really never know how short so pick ur battles wisely

    Because thinking you're right about something insignificant is more important to you than hurting someone you love. In other words, you care more about yourself than you do others.  That makes you selfish and inconsiderate. 

    I would just like to state that even thought I do sit there in silence I still always say sorry, just takes me a while to get there!

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