how do you feed your monster

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    To feed your moshi monster all you have to do is get some Rox and then buy some food from GROSS-ERY STORE. Next, go home and open your treasure chest. Decide on an item of food you want to feed your moshi monster and then drag it onto your moshi monster! Simple as that!

    1. First click on the map.
    2. Click on Main Street
    3 Go into the Gross-ery store (click on the door)
    4. Once you are in the Gross-ery store, buy the stuff you want (click on the items and click buy) and, if you have some Rox, you will buy it.
    5. Go Home and go to your Inventory and drag and drop the food to your monster!



    Which game are you playing?

    What do you mean? Is that a metaphor?

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