How can I access my purchased deals? It was very difficult to book an appointment with Senses Beauty Rooms, and when I finally went there, for an appointment that was confirmed on 29 August at 4.30pm, I found that they had been out of business for some time...I waisted time and money for parking.Why did the appointmenmt was made for the company which did not exist anymore?

    did you get my message?

    Can you offer me compensation for the waisted time + 4 pounds, which I paid for the parking for the confirmed appointment.How could the appointment have bern made and confirmed if the company had been out of business?

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    Hi, we are a general question and answer forum.

    We can't answer this, sorry.

    I did ask another question, but it seemed to have disappeared. In short, my question is: how could an appointment have been made and confirmed for the company that did not exist anymore?

    I also asked whether you could offer me compensation for waisted time and the parking fee, for which I paid 4 pounds.

    After this experience I do not want to buy your offers anymore, and I am going to inform all my friends. This seems to be a con!!!

    Malgosia Nathanson




    Hi, I already explained to you above that we are a general question and answer forum.
    We have nothing to do with your situation.

    There goes another case of accidently stepping into another dimension of time and space, and falling head first into another reality! Don't you just hate it when that happens!

    Yes, Rod...or is it Lewis? :D

    Definetly Rod...I'm not familiar with Lewis.

    Carroll...Alice In Wonderland.

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