Does Chrysler motors ever stand behind there Warrenty ?????????????

    I have A 2011 Dodge Dakota that went to there shop three times with the same problem Transmission over heating they worked on it didnt fix the problem it got hot enough it melted the wireing from trans. to engine.They say that Chrysler motors dont make that part.I think they are A bunch of liars, I am 67 years old the seem to be takeing  advanage of my AGE what do you think ??

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    I think you should call them.


    I have called them they are the people that told me "TO BAD"Got your Money HA HA They dont want to help they are real sorry people .They said that Chrysler Motors did not make the wiring from the transmission to the engine compartment On a new car.The trans. over heating melted the wire and shorted is what started the fire. Does that make sense ??

    I agree and would not leave the service counter unless I spoke with management of a District Chrysler Representative.  I think you need to do the legwork and set this up with the corporate headquarters.  You should be able to find their contact info on the company website.  Or go and make a scene, demanding them to set up such at your local dealership..

    I agree wholeheartedly with everyone. At minimum, I believe they have a 6 year power train warranty...and that sounds as though it is about time they do something more than argue with you. Many states have a lemon law, where if it goes back to the shop 3 times for the same thing, I believe you would have the option of having them take the car back.

    You might also want to talk to wherever you financed it, as although they don't have to help, I bet they'd be giving them a call also. I say this, as no matter what, that car is their collateral, and in a way also makes it their business too!


    Yes I payed cash for the car,So I cant tell them to come get it .As I was takeing it in to the shop I noticed on the work orders the miles In and OUT were the same.So the next time in I wrote the miles down.Then I went in and ask the Manager if they test drive after work is done,He said they do about 10 miles.My numbers came a total of 1 mile so they lie about that I realy dont think they work on it at all.I talked to A lawyer about this problem he told me that if I take them to court,I loose because I have to pay him $280.00 per hour,And Chrysler Motors would agree to fix the wiring.Leaving the problem with the transmission heating.So I think there must be another way ??

    My wife has had several Mopar products over the last few years, and I had contacted them over a headlight problem. They do respond, I know that much. Maybe that is what you'll have to do then. Sometimes talking to the owner of the dealership is all it takes also. Often the owners aren't aware of what their employees are doing.

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