How would you sll your home yourself

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    Apparently if you bury a statue of St Joseph in your yard it helps the sale. ( No Guarantees!)


    I read years ago that you have to bury the statue upside down, preferably near a tree.

    That only works if you run around the yard in your undies swinging a rubber chicken over your head. (It will compel your neighbors to buy you out!)

    Hmmmm, my next door neighbour IS very annoying...a drum player or so he thinks.

    A little painful listening to someone learn how to play an instrument is it? LOL! No, make that ROFLMAO!

    I know what you mean though, as I have a friend who plays the guitar and sings, who thinks of himself as quite the musician. In reality, he's enough to make someone's ear bleed. His singing sucks, and his guitar playing is just as bad! I never had it in me to telling him that though!

    This budding musician is all of 25. They staged several "band practises" in the basement with amps. He was told several times it was way too loud for the neighbourhood. One was well after 10 pm. I finally had to tell him what the noise bylaws are for our city. It's only been a couple of days but so far, so good. *sigh*

    It makes it difficult when you have people like that. Some people just never really get it that they need to respect others.

    Perhaps if you bury a statue of St Cecilia, it might improve the music.

    I think I'd have better luck getting him drunk and burying his guitar! Dardeigh, you might consider burying a drum set with or with out accompanying drummer! LOL!

    Funny, Nom! Patron saint of musicians. :)

    Shootah, I might have to consider it. He may think if he waits a few weeks the neighbours will forget. Have to check the basement for my largest shovel.

    You can always rent a backhoe and bury him deep...then make a nice little garden in the shape of a musical note over him!

    Too have a very creative imagination.

    I have quiet neighbors too! LOL!

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    I used a service years ago that was one which the realtor got only 1 % and I did the showings and he did the sales agreement, and attended the closing.  It worked well, and I had the confidence in not worrying that the paperwork would be problematic. 

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