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    My son had been stung by a whasp.........with in day's it effected his immune system any one know why?

    Doctor said this was not an allergic reaction, thay it was something new they had been seeing.

    Please don't tell me it's because of the wasps getting into the garbage, bee's have been in garbage for years.

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    Wasps inject venom into your skin when they sting you. Wasp stings usually cause itching, swelling and pain at the location of the sting. However, people who are allergic to wasps may have an allergic reaction, which can range from mild symptoms to severe, life-threatening reactions. Immediate treatment may be necessary. If you are allergic to wasps, always carry a bee sting kit and know how to use it in an emergency. Some signs of a wasp allergy include abdominal symptoms, hives, severe swelling, painful joints, wheezing, difficulty breathing and facial swelling.

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    Apply a mixture of baking soda and water to the sting. As the water leaves the pack, the soda will draw out the stinger.  Bee's leave a stinger behind and die after stinging you. Wasp can sting you over and over.....

    Wasps generally have more venom than common bees.  I remember getting stung on the top of my forehead (way up, as I am bald) and it put me down to my knees within seconds!  I grabbed a handful of mud (mostly mud, I was in a pig pasture) and put in on the site.  That took much of the sting, and I staggered away a few minutes later, when I was strong enough.  I take a bamboo pole and patrol under the eaves of buildings for signs of nests, and flick them off and continue on my way, as a non-chemical method to control where they build their nests.  That particular day, however, I was doing a repair on a shed, and the vibrations of the hammer caused their alarm and they defended their hive by nailing me!  Bee stings, by the way, are sought as a treatment for arthritis, under controlled usage.   

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