Complaints Against Living Joy in Flushing MI

    My brother died recently while in the care of the Living Joy facility.  He was only 67 years old and had been diagnosed with Dimentia about 3 years ago.  His condition plummetted rapidly over a period of weeks after being moved from an assisted living facility to Living Joy.  Many of the explanations from the staff do not make sense.  One especially disturbing circumstance is that within weeks of being there he supposedly had a fall in the middle of the night and ended up in the hospital a couple of days later for evaluation.  The staff at Living Joy claimed that he had been combative for days previous and that they felt his condition had worsened.  The whole story just did not fit my brother's previous symptoms nor his personality.  He did NOT have Alzheimers.  It has been brought to our attention that a nurse who had been working at the facility was recently fired after she complained to the police department that the director of the facility had been abusing patients.  How can we find out if there have been any previous complaints of this sort for this facility?


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    My sympathies to you for the loss of your brother. I however feel glad for your brother. He is released from the prison of dementia. At this point dementia has no cure and the person who suffers it only gets worse and their life gets worse. It's a terrible state to exist in. You say he was diagnosed with the condition 3 years ago so this facility did not suddenly make it up that he had the condition. I can understand his combativeness. Depending on the degree of the disease, people can have moments of good memory in between the non remembering. So one day a tiny part of their brain may remember a room and a face, the next time they have a moment of clarity, their see a new room and new faces. This is confusing and scary to one who's memories may be disjointed fragments that make no sense. You should search dementia on the internet to full understand it and the actions of the people  who suffer it. 

    As for complaints against the facility, start here >>


    I appreciate your clarification on the symptoms and actions of dementia, but that is not quite how it was with my brother. We did our research when my brother was initially diagnosed and have been in close contact with him ever since. WE moved him to an assisted living facility about 9 months ago because he lived alone in a house and we thought that maybe it be best that he have interaction with other people on a daily basis. Besides, the neighborhood that he lived in Flint was not very safe.

    Within weeks of his moving into the facility his demeanor changed to being happier and more mobile. He actually was able to find his way from his 'apartment' to the dining room and social area. As far as remembering faces, names, places, he was always aware of who was visiting him and where he was at. His main issue was walking unsteadily and not able to keep his train of thought in a conversation. Other than that, he was very cognisant.

    Unfortunately, there was a huge fire in the building at the assisted living unit and he had to vacate until repairs could be made. It was within a few weeks of the move that strange things began to happen. At first he seemed quite content and even appeared to be happy with the move. Then all of a sudden we were told that he had a nasty fall in the middle of the night and had to be taken to a hospital for evaluation two days later because he became combative. His regular doctor did some tests and said that all looked well and that it didn't appear to have been any damage other than bruising. The director at Living Joy recommended that we have a different doctor look at him for evaluation. We had her doctor take a look and she claimed that our brother was very near the point of needing Hospice Care. We were in shock. How could he have gone from being able to walk, talk, eat, etc to wheelchair bound, drugged, and dehydrated within a matter of weeks?

    We have read many articles on Dementia. We have talked to doctors about Dementia. My brother was 64 years old and in excellent health when he was diagnosed. We were told that it would be a slow progression of inabilities. We have to question how a slow process can progress so rapidly in approximately 8 weeks to the point of death.

    There are some other circumstances that I have not mentioned in this note. We intend on investigating this facility to the max.

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