how uninstaller toolbar

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    Phillip R

    I found EXACTLY how to get rid of this. What this actually is, is an EXTENSION of chrome. Click on the wrench at the top right, go to tools, then extensions. You should see 'WiseConvert'. Un-check where it says enable, then just to the right is a trash can, click it and you're done.

    This only works if jusn is using the Google chrome tool bar.
    Phillip R

    Yes, true. But for firefox, or I.E, click the browser 'View' menu, select 'Toolbars', uncheck the toolbar name. This will hide the toolbar, but some toolbars remain active even though it was disabled.

    It seems to me that this toolbar is an extension for the browser, so if it's an actual toolbar that is downloaded software, then it should be found in the uninstall list, which this one isn't - for me anyways.

    Sometime you need a tool bar removal tool like Arielle posted as some of these add ons/tool bars install them selves in all kinds of nooks and crannies through out your computer's system. Always be ware of that your downloads come with. Uncheck anything you do not need as the down load is downloading.
    Phillip R

    Yes. I have to tell my wife this often.

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    Go to your start menu > Control panel > add/uninstall programs > locate the toolbar, if it's Bing, it hides under the name conduit or conduit engine > uninstall

    Removal of toolbars is not the same process on all browsers. Toolbar removal instructions on some common browsers can be found at

    Phillip R

    The Web Of Trust has that link marked as 'very poor'.

    I tought it was very informative since it provides informations for various browsers, which is why it may help many users.
    Basically, the removal process is not very difficult, but if users ask how to remove a toolbar, and don't mention what browser they use, I can't explain the specific directions that's relevant to the browser each of them uses.
    Phillip R

    I did some playing around and figure it out, I posted it just a few minutes ago. But anyways I had this toolbar also, and I have no idea where it came from, or how it got there. My wot comments was saying free web browsers has rouge software there,so be careful.

    The web of trust may only have it marked as very poor because it contains tracking cookies. Tracking cookies are not really a problem if you remove them often and especially if you have used a program to do something on your computer.

    Also, this extension you found came with a download you added to your computer. All free downloads come with something attached to them. You have to be careful and read everything the pops up while downloading. Uncheck all the extras that are attached to the download. I always tun the custom install so I can refuse all the extras.

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