as far as i can see you have sent me no answer so the answer is no because i am none the wiser to what i have asked you

    the answer you said you sent which i am unable to see has been no use to me at all.i am stuck with two tool bars the same which i do not want.

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    If you want to see if your question has been answered click on your name on the top right portion of this screen..that will bring up your profile page..then click on questions (those are the questions you asked) and then click on the question you would like to see an answer for. I hope this helps.

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    You've been answered twice that I can see. Did neither of them help you?


    Go to TOOLS, click. Choose ADD-ONs, pick the tool bar you want to get rid of and delete it.

    if you can show me wear you have supposed to have answered or wear i am supposed to look i am not a young person i am seventy years old and trying to fit in with all these new gagets.

    "TOOLS" will be up top on the left hand side. Click on it and you'll be given choices. Click on "ADD-ONS" and move your cursor to where the bar is stated. You'll have the choice to delete or disable or something.....This is on my computer, I don't know about yours.....My housemate turned 72 years old today!

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