same as below what else do you need me to say

    i am getting a little annoyed all i am asking is why do i need two tool bars the same for adobe and how do i get rid of one please.

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    I have already given you a answer in your previous post.

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    OK I posted this in another Q of yours... to check to see if a question of yours has been answered you have 2 choices. the first is to go to the top left hand side of the aka screen and click on the orange # right below the aka logo (these are unread notifications and amongst them should be answers to your recent questions).  The second is to go to the top left of the aka screen and click on your name/avatar- this will bring you to your profile page.- click on questions (these are q's you have asked) then click on the question and the answers will appear.  I hope that this helps.  Knowing whether you work with windows (and what year) or an apple can help us answer some questions about computers more quickly.

    PS we are a world wide volunteer site and it can take a while to get an answer to a question.  You are more than welcome to help us answer questions!

    If you right click on the icon, you can then unpin this program from your task bar.

    Click on TOOLS, Choose ADD-ONs, go to the tool bar you don't want and delete it............This is for XP

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