I've been married for almost a year my husband seems to have a problem with me and my son father communicating he doesn't trust us before he and rekindle our relationship he was in a relationship for 12 years with infidelity involved so he brought that baggage with him to our relationship so he thinks just because I talk to my sons dad that we are doing no good things and he feels that i shouldn't have to talk to his dad and let him know whats going on with our son or either get money from him a

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    Your husband is going to have to understand you and your ex must communicate about your son. He should of thought of that before you two got married! I've never seen a relationship work with this kind of unfounded jealousy. You may have to jump and run!

    You need to sit down and talk face to face with your new husband, or get a therapist to help explain that you will always need to talk with your ex regarding your son, because your son is also your responsibility.. But also, that he needs to dump the baggage or risk ruining the marriage with it. No one likes being falsely accused of not being on the up and up.

    I went through something similiar to this with my wife for the very same reason. I really didn't care for being treated that way, especially because of her ex's behavior! I feel sorry that you have to go through that, as it causes alot of hurt.


    Great answer Shoo!!:)Agree totally!!!

    Sounds like there's not enough trust. If there was, this would not be an issue at all. If you value a future together I'd get this tended to A.S.A.P. Your just gonna have more situations if he's on that path already.  ( DON'T WAIT )  He should trust you til given reason otherwise. I have 800% reason not to trust from past. But I will trust 800% til shouldn't. Good luck & God Bless...

    Your son is you're and your ex's priority! Of course you need to discuss ur son's welfare with him! Did he not realise this before you wed??!:(...if you can't make that clear to him then you must get help from someone who can!! Good Luck!

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