what is the remainder of human being

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    I owe you letters .Sorry wont be able to pay up ,and that`s a "Dead cert "

    Are you talking about after a zombie attack? I've heard they're becoming more commonplace nowadays.


    I'm not a fan of zombie movies but everytime I watch one I see pople with guns shooting the zombies but they keep coming, they can't kill 'em. I think they are aiming wrong, they should shoot the zombies in the head! If they shoot them in the head and blow their brains out they wouldn't keep coming because they have no head. Then the movie would be over really quick and everyone in the theater could go home and not have to sit through all that silly crap no longer than necessary. LOL

    I know what you mean. "Night of The Living Dead," was enough. Then they kept reviving (zombiefying) the concept itself, when they should have just buried it after the first movie. I mean, there's only so much you can milk a plot like that!
    doolittle more zombie movies but can we still keep the old alien movies where the humans have to wear tin foil caps? Please.

    And whats with the vampires?? They always go for the neck! All a person needs to do during a vampire attack is wear a turtle neck. No more vampires, they all starve to death and then the movie is over, go home. And if they turn into a bat, take a swat at it with a broom, no more bats, go home!


    I agree no more vampires! and NO warewolves! and if there is to be a Bigfoot Sasquach movie it will be a documentary made by lindilou and myself.

    Who are you going to have play the sasquatch?

    Themselves! If we can work around their fear of regular people.

    That's funny! LOL-- 'Fear of people' LOL.. I think the vampires and zombies would be afraid of the people too if hollywood would give the people a chance! :)


    I dunno, you're an outsider, what do you think?

    In here.


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