What makes a human strong in live..And so weak by knowing there going to die for 100%!!!!!!!!!

    Humans accept the fact of death 

    And it seems in most cases, that those kind of people who allready embrassed some kind of peace in there hart by knowing  there going to get killed, and by knowing this journy is about to end....Why bother to fight if you no that in susch a case the consecuense allready had faded in the thoughts of expecting a quick death, and simply do every task the gards lay before them.......

    And this is for me the issue, were is there human uniek way by looking,  when there is no need for a single word to speak for being understood!!! .

    Why is in there empty staring eyes,  not even the finest twitch or something to now that these are humans whit feelings and children and nowing to love and care...

    But somehow those people who digging there own graves and even lay down in a straight line on command, that the shooter or executioner can kill him or them whitout messing blood,  that flies from the pierced skulls from those who were alive a second before he pulles the trigger and slauthers a individuel who he never had seen or talked whit, and still wy don`t they spit , fight back,kick , something for letting this brave killers now that it1card to make not susch a stickie bloody mess

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