i have 1985 suzuki jr 50 it has spark, 95lbs compression and is getting fuel but wont start

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    Remove your air filter and give it a small shot of ether to get it going that first time. Alot of times those small two-cycle engines are very difficult to get started until they've ran awhile and seem to have cleared themselves out.

    Don't use alot of ether,but just enough to get it to kick over and begin to run. There could be several reasons it isn't wanting to start. But, once your are able to get it to run, you should be able to get a feel for what it is doing when it does run.

    Make sure you have the choke off when you spray the ether into the throat of the carbuerator. If you get it to kick over, you might have to give it a little choke to keep it running.

    PS. Make sure you have the fuel shut-off turned on also.

    remove and re-fit

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