I have four old money orders that I tried to cash in. I was told they had been cashed but no one can tell me how, when, by whom, or anything else. I still have the originals with one carbon copy. How could someone else been given my money when I am the pruchaser and still have the originals.

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    Buying a money order is simple. Money orders can be purchased at banks, drug stores, gas stations, even online. But while it's easy to purchase a money order, it's not always easy to determine the specific rules of usage. For example, although most money orders do not expire, some are issued with expiration dates. Some charge fees if the money order is not used within a specific time period.

    If you are the purchaser of the money order, you usually can determine whether the money order has an expiration date by contacting the place of purchase and asking about its policies. However, if you are the recipient of the money order, this is not always feasible. Check the front and back of the money order carefully. Often, an expiration date is printed directly on the money order. However, if there is no expiration date, the only way to determine whether the money order is still valid is to attempt to cash it as usual.

    While some money orders do not expire, there may be fees accrued if the money order is not used within a certain time frame. This fee typically is not excessive, usually a few dollars, and is deducted from the face value of the money order when it is cashed. Additional fees may be charged for obtaining a refund or tracking a lost money order, but this depends on where the order was purchased.

    The Bottom Line
    Money orders purchased from the United States Postal Service, Western Union and larger banks do not expire. However, this is not the case with all money orders, as policies vary from company to company. Therefore, it is helpful to check with the place of purchase to determine whether the money order will still be honored.

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    You need to go back to the source, the place where you purchased the money orders and demand an investigation. Contact your state's attorney generals office with your complaint. They will investigate on their own. 

    They should still be good, they shouldn't expire. What would be the point in buying a M.O. if there comes a time when it won't be honored? Return to the source or take them to a reputable bank..........


    Checks expire after 90 days. Money orders could do the same.

    M.O.s are purchased so the money has to be somewhere.

    Yes but if you read what I posted up in the blue area, some do expire. It depends on where they were purchase. Fees could have eaten up the money also.

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