Is there no limit to Obama's ego?

    On his political webpage is a picture of Obama above his message about the passing of Neil Armstrong: 


    Neil’s spirit of discovery lives on in all the men and women who have devoted their lives to exploring the unknown—including those who are ensuring that we reach higher and go further in space. That legacy will endure—sparked by a man who taught us the enormous power of one small step.

    —President Obama on the passing of Neil Armstrong

    What's tragic in this message is that Obama has done more damage to the U.S. space program than any president in history. America doesn't even have a way to send Americans into space any more. By a Staff member at GOPUSA subscriber=1 

    I lightened the picture. This is not Obama looking at the moon or  even looking skyward. It is Obama casually standing there, with hands in pockets, possibly waiting for his car to arrive. Nothing to do with Neil as far as I can see. This picture should not have been posted with his words about Neil. 


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    You made the moon disappear.

    I just copied Obama and highlighted him. I wanted to see exactly where he was looking. The moon is still on the copy of the picture.

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    I think it might have been worse if he had said nothing, I know he's not popular but what else could he have done?


    Not post a picture of himself.

    Possibly not, but I think any President in an election year would have done the same.

    I can not believe that to be true. Not all presidents have been without compassion.

    The problem is he put the focus on himself when it should have been on Neil Armstrong.

    Now he has his on cereal.. ""

    Uhhh .... Isn't he the one that decided we don't need to explore space anymore?


    Yes he is. I think in Obama's mind, he believes no man can be greater than he is. Focus on Obama and not Neil. This is what that picture says to me.

    Uh, I like the picture and I'm sure those words aren't Obama's, he has good speech writers. I would have taken advantage of the situation were I running for office. Sorry to disagree with you, Colleen. One rare moment.....


    It's posted to his personal webpage. It's signed "President Obama on the passing of Neil Armstrong", meaning these are his words. His writers can not take the liberty of signing for him. I think it's crass to take advantage of a hero's death to promote an election agenda.

    You may be making a "big deal" out of this, Colleen, but I'm siding with you anyway. The photo isn't a good one to begin with (what the heck is that thing sticking out in the top...a propeller for his helicopter??).   Seeing the cars in the background just cheapens the photo more and the text doesn't go with the photo at all.

    A 'real' president would have issued a statement in a formal manner, possibly lowering the flags to half mast, and would NOT have used the loss of an American hero as a photo op for himself.

    Call me silly but I didn't take offence to it.  A picture of Neil on the Moon would have been better.


    OK, Silly :)

    Silly Doo :)

    US policy up to Obama has been for the US to remain involved in small wars to keep our military in tip-top condition and this to suppress greater wars from occurring. Obama abolished that policy that had been in effect since the 1950s  and has cost us trillions of dollars wastefully and million of lives of US Military personal.  The Republican Party despises Obama’s willingness and humanity in ridding us of this harbinger of death sponsored by Republicans and the Ilumenata. It was for this that he received the Nobel Prize… and he has been a soft target for Republican spawned  criticism ever since, funded through Norquest’s purchased Republican votes in congress.        


    This gives excuse for using a picture of himself to "honor" an American hero?

    As President of the United States it was  his duty to make a statement.about Neil Armstrongs passing. This picture is hardly offensive.


    Of course make a statement but why a picture of himself? Matter of perspective and opinion I suppose. I wonder where he just arrived from. Perhaps another expensive vacation.

    Neil inspired us all to look up at the moon and discover what is humanly possibly.  Colleen I like you, but you are inspiring people to think negative about art, a positive statement that the president of the United States made and to be petty and small minded. I'm sure if President Ronald Reagan or President Kennedy would have made that same statement with that same picture your probably would not have come up with such a negative analysis.  Too bad.


    It's not the statement. It's the picture of himself, the "king" or the "messiah" that I have issue with.

    Yes, I would have felt the same no matter what president chose to picture himself and not the person they were honoring. Too bad some give the "king" so much ego room. I truly do not believe this picture was staged for Neil. It seems to be a photo taken from the archives of him arriving somewhere. The article read that he is looking at the moon, I copied that but now that I look again, his head is not tilted. He is not looking skyward.

    OK Colleen since I love you and your heart I am viewing what you said with an open mind. However, its partly somebody's art and their feeling about the 'moon walk' and the great strides that we humans can make if we put our minds to it. Plus I have seen all kinds of art. (i am an art lover) And I don't always agree with theme and/or idea being conveyed, but that's what art is for. Now Colleen, if you had made that exact same picture with you looking up at the moon. I would not think you were ego, but so what if you are. That picture is symbolism, of what can be. It could be expressed in a hundred ways. On to Mitt Romney & why passing false information and hatred is bad. If Obama saved Mitt mother's from a burning building. He would turn around and say he ran thur the fire to steal his mother's purse. That's how he rolls. I love politics and have been following it for a long time. I have never seen any politician lie as much as Romney. That goes for Democrates and Republicans. There have been some great men on both sides, but that's why they call Romney the etch-a-sketch candidate. If Romney does win, I won't feel so bad, because his wife Ann is beautiful and smart. Mitt is smart too, especially if you don't need any of the services that the working class use. Public School, air pollution control, social security, food stamps. If anyone's has a family member that does not need these services, firemen, policemen, . . . vote for Romney. Then we will be like Texas 70% of the workers have no unions or health care.

    Look at the picture I added. I put it in photofiltre and lightened it. He is not looking at the moon. He is casually standing there, hands in pocket. Looks like he just landed on a helicopter and is waiting for his ride. I do not see anywhere on the internet where Mitt used a picture of himself to speak of Neil. Obama is a dictator and I have no respect for him. I'm sure that's where my negative view of this picture comes from. Romney is a crook and not one to be trusted either. I will be voting for Ron Paul even if it means writing in his name. My conscious will not let me vote for Obama or Romney, even if like others have said, my vote would just go to Obama. I will also be voting all republican in case Obama does get re-elected. Maybe if the republicans have the power, they will finally do something about that clown I have to accept as my president. I highly doubt king Obama would run into a burning building to save anyone. He would just send someone else in to risk their life. Obama does not like taking risks. All his plans are well calculated to benefit himself and his cronies. He would not see the risk of burning or smoke inhalation as a benefit to himself. Even if it meant saving a life. Obama does not operate that way.

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