how do i take care of bamboo plants

    i have a bamboo plant and sont know what o do with it


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    Best thing to do with them is give them room, as they are extremely invasive!  If you do not care, do not do much, if it matters, plant them in containers which have been lowered into ground, and even then, be careful, as they set rizones and run. 

    Keep them away from pandas. 

    Water,water,water.They love it,& a bit of fish fertilizer Or dynamic lifter now & then.Remember it's really only overgrown grass,so you can treat it pretty much the same.

    I have a friend who had a bamboo ( Phyllostachys) in her yard. It flourished and grew under her house and she had to call in specialists to get rid of it. Some varieties are highly invasive so check out and plant accordingly.

    keep them in a vase with water and stones or pebbles in the bottom. But, keep the lower part of the plant in water.

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