if a person hires you to work on their property and your equipment has been sabatoged is owner liable for damages,[the employer]?

    used tractor to do the job and left the equipment there,while it was there on this employers' property someone tampered withit and stole radio ,also the engine is ruined by contaminated fuel,what ara my options and how must ,i handle this isssue,the engin alone is nearly 4,000.00 dlrs, what must i do?

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    it depends on the agreement you had with him before you started. Since you contract yourself out, don't you have something they have to the affect that they have to provide secure storage for your equipment, or vice versa ? .......or like he has something you have to sign that says he is not responsible for your parts, or heavy equipment ?  You could try suing him for payment for the damage.

    Involve the police and go from there...  That way things are documented, and they may suggest what can be done. 

    I would take the position of "No".  You should not be responsible although he'd like to get you involved in this saga.  He should have some blanket insurance that takes effect when he is on the job site.   Contact your insurance agent immediately and tell them what you've just told us.  They should be able to guide you through this.

    It's pretty sad that someone would do that to you when your just trying to make a living. Wish you the best.

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