I have had the automatic transmission rebuilt in my 1999 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel pickup and the torque convertor replaced with a reconditioned one. When the truck sits for a day or so and I start it up, put it in drive or reverse and try to move it the engine just revs and won't move for about 30 which point it does begin to function like normal.My thinking is the convertor is draining fluid back into the trans and it takes about 15 to 30 seconds for it to refill and allow it to move. M

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    I think your trouble is elsewhere. The valve body or a defective internal solenoid. An analyzer should detect which it is. A trip to the trans shop is in order.

    Sounds like you have it diagnosed.Now how do you fix it????

    I think you will need to exchange the torque converter.

    Messy job.Good luck.


    Broken 72

    Thanks for the come back Tommyh.When the trans was rebuilt and the convertor was replaced with a so-called remanufactured one it didn't work right and the convertor was replaced again and I'ved had the above problem since.My advice to anyone having to replace their convertor is to invest in a good after market one like a TCI

    That sounds like a plan. I have had similar problems myself in a different type of vehicle in the past.

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