dehumidifier will not collect water

    The dehumidifier runs, the filter is clean; however, it does not collect water.  We looked through the manual given to us when we purchased the product, but none of the troubleshooting tips helped

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    It may be that the humidity level or temperature in the room where your dehumidifier is located is too low.

    When the outdoor temperature is below 50 F, the indoor air will be dry even when the air inside is warm, therefore when it's cold outside the dehumidifier may collect little or no water.

    Air conditioners will also remove moisture from the room, even if it's hot and humid outside, resulting in little or no moisture collecting in the dehumidifier bucket.

    Some dehumidifiers have a deicer which turns off the compressor but keeps the fan running. When the compressor is off, moisture is not removed from the air. The deicer turns off the compressor when the room temperature is cold.

    Some dehumidifiers do not have a deicer. If the room temperature is low enough, ice may form on the evaporator coil. The ice prevents the dehumidifier from removing and collecting water. If ice forms on coils, unplug dehumidifier until ice melts and room temperature rises.


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    I would set up a test, have the dehumidifier in a small enough room, place a pan of water near it, and turn it on.  Ideally, you should see the level of water in the pan decrease as the dehumidifier draws the water up into its tank.  Put it on the max settings for this test.  By the way, is the tank in proper position, push it down into the housing of the machine, or it will not work. 

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