what is the role of media on our society

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    The media's role is to give us the news in an unbias way but they don't .

    To give the public the story as it unfolds in a ethical and honest way not that tjis ever happens . why do you want to be a journo?

    the standard commercial type media is very liberal, thus biased, And they only tell you what they want you to know.......and what the gov allows you to know. If you want to know what's really happening out there.......listen to am radio at Coast to Coast......or watch the 700 Club on TV....if  you can find it. Now, they're only putting on the 700 Club at night,and on cable, b/c they don't want anyone to watch it.

    I think that the media's basic role is to report events that take place around the world, and by this, not allowing or minimizing occurrence of wrongs, and enabling to stop them. The media also informs the public about government actions, as well as major events that take place, such as scientific discoveries, sport achievements, and more.

    What has "Become" the role of the media is to influence the viewing audience. Today it's overwhelming leftist propaganda. Presenting the news, all the news without bias is almost nonexistent.

    The purpose of the media is to inform the public because an informed populace is necessary to stability of the country. However, like some of the others have said, it's become more of a disemination of opinion pieces. I think sometimes that part of the problem is technology. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a luddite, I love all the benefits of modern technology, but the problems arrises when there is simply too much data for people to effectively absorb in the short time they have in their daily lives. Think about it; in bygone years information was dispersesd in a much slower manner because technology was more primitive even into the middle of the 20th century we were educated at a gentler rate. We had more time to assimilate the data and make informed decisions. But now, we are bombarded with information at an unbelieveable rate and not just locally, but nationally and worldwide. The constant barage of events and news creates a sense of desperation and angst that makes us feel as if we are falling behind and not living up the responsibilities we accept as adults. Nothing could be further from the truth, we do an amazing job considering.  The trick is to be discriminating in the stream of data you choose and try to make the best decisions you can and realize that the media is shoving sound bites at us because they simply can't adjust to the volumn of material themselves and I really think that they haven't found a way to effectively communicate that to us, in other words, they are worse off than we are.

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