how do i apply for a gov. grant?

    i work as a social director for a low income elderly  apartment complex. my boss has asked me to look into apply for a government grant for energy effciant windows. this is not in my job description, and i have no idea where to start or what to do, i am afraid they have asked to much of me, but if i able to pull it off, i am sure i will be in for a healthy raise.

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    I think that you can find resources on line for Government Energy Grants, maybe from the main website?  Subtitle would be Dept. of Energy Grants?  There may also be Community Block Grants that you can research through your state or local government.  Perhaps there would be private foundations which could assist.  How about your Dept. of Elderly Affairs in your State, or county.  Are you a social worker?  If so, you must have had courses in college on grant writing, if not, see if your employer would send you to community college and maybe take a course.  Your social worker professional association may be able to present additional resources. 

    Same answer as the other time you asked, WBMG

    search here;

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