Are any of you heading to the NOTTING HILL MASACRE???...If so beers are on me!!:-)..You are most welcome!!:-)...You`ll need a beer or ten!!

    Happy to welcome you..would be lovely to meet any of you!!:-),,I CAN SHOW YOU AROUND...but pls provide yer own earplugs and sedatives!!!....:-)

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    If you're payin I'll be there in the morning.........



    i`LL BE PAYING!!!!...get on that train!!...i NEED you ROMOS!!!:-)

    Looking up the train times as we type...

    @romos...pleeeeeeese come...but I do advise you to leave the kilt behind! Those who come to it are usually dead rough!!!:-(...Except me n the tourists!!!LOL!!

    I wish Darlin,I was there a good few years ago when the s**t was really hitting the fan,one of the best weekends of my life, never had to eat for a week, stuffed myself silly with all the caribbean food, and the drink of course.

    @ROMOS..THE s**t uSUALLY ALWAYS HITS THE FAN..MAINLY ON Monday pm when the cops try n close it down!!...rarely do we get away without stabbings...One year a woman had her mouth open to sing..n a bee flew in and she swallowed it!!(as you do)!!!...i wold give my eye teeth to be working this w/end!!!...That`s SO much more fun!!!:-) year we had to clear 3 wards as the floats kept running people over...loads of broken bones!!!!:-))

    I'm sorry but what in the H. E. double hockey sticks are you talking about? If it involves beer, I'll be there......


    i THINK it`s the biggest carnival in Europe??!`s one hell of a nitemare...The FLOAT practice starts up this year @6AM...RIGHT OUTSIDE MY FRONT DOOR!!(9am last yr)...anyone coming bring minimal`s a Muggers dream!!...all the shops and many o yhe houses are boarded`s like a ghost town here tonight!!LOVE THAT!!...But all hell will break loose am...TMZ is kids day..Monday far worse..n far less police as they are hanging out at the Olympic stadium!!!:-0...TO those of you far less cynical than I!!!Enjoy!!:-)...nB..HAVE DEPLOYED my kids outta harms I do each year!!`s the cats I`m worried about!!...think of the noise at a gig and times it by at least a million!!!!:-0...THE SOUND RADIATES THROUGH YOU!!!...the house actually shakes!!!!!!:-(

    millie . Does that include "Bed ,and breakfast ,and beers "OH There will be only forty of us !


    The more the merrier!!:-)...PLENTY of beers all round...we have an open gdn here...we go from neighbour to neighbour all if you do are bound to loose track o your intake after about the third gdn party...Loads of brill food..(As ROMOS states)!...STUNNING VIEWS of the Carnival!!!LOL...(have I sold it to you yet)???!!:-)

    NOT Really Millie ,you did not mention the bed and breakfast at your "house .Must be big to hold "Forty people "OH we will bring our own cups a saucers ,Is that alright ( cough )

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