how do i replace a leaking brakeline over my rear on my 1986 f150 pickup

    how can i get more space to get to it rather than taking off the bed

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    Fixing a brake line is not hard, but first the question is where is the line broke... If the line is broke in the rear of the car or truck sometimes it is best to just replace that short peice of line with the screw in fittings on both ends.. On the rear of most cars and trucks the line runs to a tee and out of both sides of the tee a shorter line runs to each rear brake...You can find them at a ford dealer and the line will be bent to the shape of the line you are replacing with the two fitting on both ends.. sometimes its much cheaper to buy from auto zone or advanced auto parts..They also sell lines with fittings in bulk, so if you know how long and the size of the fitting they will give you a peice of straight line with the fittings on the ends and you have to put the bends in the line where needed... NUMBER 2 If the the line is broke on the long straight run from the front of the car or truck that runs back to the tee theses can be fixed with a compresion fitting.. This works great if you only have a pin hole in your line and cost only a few dollars... You will have to cut the line on both sides of the pin hole about a 1/8 inch and slide nut cap on first and next slide on the line ball on the brake line this has to be done on both sides of the broken line.. next is the center peice of the compresion fitting, gently pull the line apart enough to slide the center peice overthe cut line, now the same has to be done to the other side ... Once the the center peice is in place on the cut line slide line balls and nut caps to the center peice start to thread your nut caps on to the center peice tighten.. The people at advanced or auto zone will show you how the compresion fitting works and how to put in on at the store if you ask...

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