bin files how to read or converter to audio

    i recorded a record bu t files aren`t in any audio format, this get 747 mb in bin archive. i don't undertand why? and why i can't vonverter this bon file to a audio file like mp3, wav, etc

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    I could not find how to convert to audio only for video. 

    Download and install the WinAVI Video Converter. This is a free trial download, and if you want to keep the program on your computer, you will have to pay for the full version.

    Launch WinAVI Video Converter and click on the "AVI" button on the right to set your output as an AVI video file. This will bring up a window so you can select the files to convert.

    In the open window, select the Bin files you want to convert to AVI video files by using the "+" button. You can select multiple files at once.

    Click "Browse" by "Output Directory" to select the location you want the new video files saved to.

    Click on the "Advanced" button if you want to make any changes to the audio or video quality settings. The default for each is standard or good quality.

    Once all of the settings have been made, click "OK" to get to the conversion screen. Click "Convert," and you will see a progress bar and a "Time Left" amount while the files convert. When they are done, it will say "Complete" and you will be able to click "Finish." You can now use your new AVI video files.

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    How to read and create Bin > 

    Bin files are image formats of data copied from CDs or DVDs.
    Sometimes such files can be opened by changing the extantion name from .bin to .iso.
    Internet sources say that they can also be opened once burnt to a disk.

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