hi i just replaced the engine in a 2002 jeep liberty sport wwith a 3.7 6 cyl automatic now starter wont kick in was told i need to have the ignition key reprogram is it right

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    I think not. Every vehicle today has the ability to be tracked by GPS. Every car on the road has the equivalence of a finger print in it, that being the wiring harness, no two same cars have the identical marker (Fingerprint). Even techs at the dealership have to reprogram the vehicle with the manufacturer after any item is replaced which requires relocating any portion of the wiring harness. I know this applies to GM vehicles, I'm assuming the same technology applies with your vehicle. The dealer has to do this. 

    if you nkey has that bump on the side i would say yes. i had a car like that once and was told you cant even get a key made like that. you have to go to the factory. what a dilemma !

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