Is Obama going to help[ hi half brother that lives in a hut or what is he going to do with a that wealth?

    He says he is for the poor yet he want's him to be a socialist first before helping him it seems.

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    Ya know what...what Obama and Romney do with their own human family members is none of our business.

    Are you saying Obama's Brother that lives in a hut is wealthy ?

    Lots of issues here, what a loaded question.  Has his half-brother asked for his help, does he need it?  Obama is president of the USA, should he really spend his personal money on a relative living in a different continent and whose existence he was unaware of for many years? What about all the poverty/health issues in the US?  Do you think money is the only way to solve these problems?  Surely the best (the only) answer is to change the circumstances causing the problems so they do not recur and not to just paste over with a quick fix?  As for what he is going to do with "all that wealth" surely that is his business, not yours, he has earned it.

    Obama don't care....

    What was Obama's net worth the day he took office? What is it now? The Internet is not the best source for any information as far as I'm concerned. However, it was said that he is worth nine times more today then the day he took office. Maybe he has a partime job at night.

    Obama's brother living in a hut. What does that say about the man? Hope he doesn't get eaten by a lion.

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