how do i change a picture in to a 1mb

    how do I change a picture to 1 mb

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    hey there, helstern, open up ur pik so u have it at whatever size u want, and on ur screen, with nothin in front of it, includin the cursor. hold the left 'shift' key down and look 4 the key that has 'PrtScn' on it.    On a normal pc keyboard it is usually directly above the 'Insert' which is above the 'Delete' key. on a laptop u may have to use the'Fn' key.    This operation puts a picture of ur desktop into ur 'clipboard', ready 4 pastin. so next open, ms 'paint', it's under 'accessories' and once open, hold down the 'Ctrl' key down n' hit the 'v' key to paste it.   U now have the ur pik plus all the rest ur desktop inside the ms-paint window, if u clik down the left mouse button n' hold it down u can 'move' this pik until u get it centered. careful coz u don't get another chance once u let the left button go, now go to the dual colomned toolbox on left hand side and chooze the top right square with left mouse clik, (inside it is a dotted rectangled box), ur cursor will change to a + sign when u r ready 2 select the area of the pik u want. U uze the left button n' hold it down then draw ur area n' let go when u have the picture u want selected.    Now do 'ctrl' down n' hold then hit the'x' key, this will cut ur selected area, now the 'ctrl' down again n' hold then hit the'n' key, it will ask u if u want 2 save it, select no.   U will now have a new window, now 'ctrl' down once n' hold then hit the'v' key, this pastes the clipboard into the new window, save it call it something then in the little rectangle below where u named it there is a 'save as type' box, change it 2 jpg and clik 'OK'. U now have an alternative pik 2 ur original one n' even if u saved the entire page it will be only be 200kb = 0.2mb at most, voila!! qed!!   {^_^}


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