i get pain in my lower abdomen,taken usg it shows mild hepatomegaly with fatty changes.what will happen

    i am 44 yr old male get pain in my lower abdomen,taken ultrasound scan,it shows mild hepatomegaly with fatty changes,what i have to do to get cured

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    There are several causes of mild hepatomegaly. Common among them include fatty liver, viral hepatitis, drugs, alcohol etc. However, mild hepatomegaly can be a normal finding in children. There may not be any symptoms related to mild hepatomegaly. Sometimes, patients complain of discomfort in right upper abdomen. If the cause is viral hepatitis, the patients usually complain of nausea, yellow urine and yellow eyes. The spread depends upon the cause. Viral hepatitis is of several types: hepatitis A and E are spread by contaminated food and water, whereas Hepatitis B and C are spread by parenteral route (by infected blood and body fluids). The treatment and outcome of mild hepatomegaly depends upon the cause.

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